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     Wuxi Huihong Hydraulic Pneumatic Co.,Ltd. is located in the rich resources of Taihu Lake, the traffic is developed.
     Since my company created more than twenty years to make unremitting efforts to create quality products of HSBC, the production of two thousand kinds of products, all kinds of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic system, electric putter, pneumatic rotary cylinder, hydraulic valve pneumatic valve, constantly the introduction of foreign technology production of pneumatic pressure cylinder and stamping equipment and all kinds of solenoid valve, air source treatment filter, precision shafts, precision tubes, precision aluminum, bronze pieces. Agent with foreign products and services: CKD, AirTAC NORGREN, SMC, TACYD, NKE...

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·Pneumatic control
·Steel pipe in the
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The credit belongs to the past, the dream guide to the future, The
pursuit of the first creed, motivate
us Way forward, never stop.
We will be This is a power,
bearing the past, create the future

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